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Water Filters Formulated to Fix Your Tap Water & Improve Your Health

Improve your health by using filters made to stop the bad stuff in your tap water.

customized water filters for faucets (under-sink)
customized water filters for faucets (under-sink)
customized water filters for faucets (under-sink)

"Finally, an easy-to-install water filter that actually works"...  -Chris G.

Until now, water filters have been designed with a "one-size-fits-all" approach. However, while trying to filter everything, they end up removing nothing. 

We take a new approach by formulating filters based on the problems with your water supply.




Our Water Quality Experts pinpoint your water supply (using the address provided at checkout) and formulate a filter designed to stop the contaminants in your water supply.



Once your filter arrives, it can be installed easily in about 15 minutes. They fit all standard US faucets and refrigerators. No plumber or extra holes in your counter-top required. Trust us, it's easy to install!



If you join our optional Subscription program, replacement cartridges will be delivered to your door automatically (at a discount) when it's time to replace. Never drink unfiltered water again.

What's in your drinking water...

Everyday, millions of Americans are exposed to drinking water with levels of contamination far above  what authoritative scientific studies have found to pose health-risks. These health-risks can include brain fog, fatigue, hair loss and in some cases linked to diseases like cancer.†  Over 160 of these contaminants do not have a federal Legal Limit level, such as hexavalent chromium, which leaves us at risk.

Protect your health with truly clean water:

  • Your filter will be formulated to protect your health from the contaminants commonly found in your water supply

  • Outperforms leading brand filters

  • Is easy and quick for anyone to install (in about 15 minutes)

  • Filters the bad stuff but does not block the good stuff your body needs for nourishment 

  • Protects against viruses, bacteria, VOCs, chemicals, chromium-6, lead, arsenic, and more

  • Feel better, think clearer and stop falling asleep at work †


Get healthy again!† Let our Water Quality Experts formulate a filter for you designed to filter the bad stuff but keep the good stuff.


All filters include TapShield Technology, an advanced filtration media to catch unknown contaminants that may be lurking in your water.

worry-free & HASSLE-FREE

Replacing filter cartridges is a snap thanks to TwistOff design.  Simply twist off old cartridge and twist on the new. 



The filtration media in every Custom Crafted Water Filter is manufactured in the USA. We design and build each filter in Houston, Texas.

nSF / ANSI conformity

Our filtration media meets or exceeds NSF standards. We use ingredients like coconut shell based GAC and other natural ingredients. Plus, they are always BPA-free.

super easy to install

Our filters are super easy to install (15 minutes or less). They fit all standard US faucets and refrigerators. No plumber required. No need to drill holes in your counter-top. 




Do your filters protect against bacteria and mold?

Yes, our filters protect against many types of bacteria and mold due to the small micron size of the filter elements. The "holes" in the filter are so tiny, it blocks many molds and bacteria while allowing clean water to pass freely.


How do you make a filter to remove the contaminants typically found in my type of water?

Our water quality experts use the address you provide at checkout to determine the source of your water supply using publicly available databases. These databases show which contaminants are in your water supply. Based on this, our Water Quality Experts will send you a filter formulated to best attack the contaminants typically found in your water supply. Our filters do not block important minerals your body needs for nourishment.

How easy is it to install and replace the filter?

Super easy! We want everyone to have access to clean water. That's why we designed our filters to be easy and quick to install. In fact, most everyone should be able to install the filter in 15 minutes or less. No plumber required and no special tools! And because the filter is installed inline using your existing kitchen or bathroom faucet, there's no need to drill and extra hole in your counter-top for a second water faucet. If you are buying a filter for your ice maker or refrigerator, you'll simply install the filter on your water supply line (you'll cut the supply line and install the filter between the cut line).

What kind of filtration media do you use in your filters?

Because we formulate our filters based on your water source, we use different media technologies in different ratios to best attack the typical contaminants found in your tap water.  For example, ground water typically contain different contaminants than surface water.  The media technologies we use include coconut based activated carbon and other natural and effective ingredients for filtration. We use electrokinetic and physical adsorption media as well as mechanical filtration. In addition, we use a unique and proprietary media technology in the last stage of the filter called TapShield, which acts as a redundant filter check, ensuring your filter catches the pollutants from your water source. Our filters do not block important minerals your body needs for nourishment. All of our filtration media meets or exceeds NSF / ANSI standards.

What types of contaminants does your filters remove?

Our filters outperform leading brand filters and typically protect your family against multiple contaminants (depending on your water source type) including lead, arsenic, pharmaceuticals, chromium-6, VOCs, sulfurs (including H2S), PCBs, TCE, PFAS, GenX, cysts (Giardia; Cryptosporidium; Entamoeba; Toxoplasma), mercury, pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, chloramine, and much more.

Is your filter media NSF approved for safety?

All of our filtration media has been proven safe and effective and meets or exceeds NSF / ANSI standards. This includes NSF/ANSI 42, NSF/ANSI 53, and NSF/ANSI 401. Our filters are also BPA-free. This keeps you and your family safe.

Do you make customized filters for water wells?

Yes. We make water filters for city/municipal water supplies as well as private water wells.

How long do the filter cartridges last?

We recommend replacing the cartridges for our Under-sink Faucet filters every six months under normal usage. We recommend replacing the cartridges for our Refrigerator / Ice Maker filters about every 9 months under normal usage. However, you are in control of how often you replace them. You also have the option to join our Subscription Club which will give you a discounts on replacement cartridges and ensures you don't drink unfiltered water again.


How does the Subscription plan work?

We want to make it as easy as possible to protect you and your family from contaminated drinking water. That's why we give you the option to join the subscription club and save money! That way whenever it's time to replace the filter cartridge, one will automatically show up at your door. Replacement cartridges for our Under-sink Faucet filters ship out every six months and our Refrigerator / Ice Maker filters ship out every 9 months. However, you can decide how often you want them shipped. You will only be charged when a replacement filter ships out. If you want to cancel for any reason, we make it super simply to cancel. You can also email and we'll help you that way.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

We make it SUPER simple to cancel your membership at any time for any reason. Simply log in to our website, go to "My Account" and click "CANCEL". That's it. You won't be charged anymore.  Or you can simply email us at and we'll help you that way.

Your login name and password is sent to you with the order confirmation email that you received after you purchased your Replacement Cartridge.

How long does it take to create and ship out my filter?

Because we customize filters, it may take us up to 3 to 4 business days before we can ship it out to you. But we'll try our best to get it out sooner than that.

Why can't I find your filter for sale in retail stores?

If we were to try and sell the filters at the big box stores the cost would be well over $600 for a filter with the retail markup.This is because big box stores are forced to mark up prices in order to pay for the expense of their retail shopping center, their building, the inventory they place on the shelves, not to mention paying all of their many employees.Also, we custom make each filter according to each customer’s water supply and this just wouldn’t be possible in a retail distribution setting.When you buy direct with us, you get much better support through our website than with a 3rd party marketplace. 

What's your return policy?

We want you to be happy no matter what. So if you for some reason you are not happy with your water filter, return it to us within 60 days or so and we'll give you a complete refund--even if it's been used. No worries! No risks!

Choose a filter:

Our filters fit all standard US faucets and refrigerators. They are easy to install and require no special tools...

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Use only as directed. The information provided herein is intended for your general knowledge only and is not intended to be, nor is it, medical advice or a substitute for medical advice. If you have or suspect you have, a specific medical condition or disease, please consult your healthcare provider.