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Arsenic in drinking water: Is it really a threat to our health?

Arsenic is something that we do not really think about from day to day. However, it is a chemical that has leached into our everyday lives and can dramatically affect our health in a negative way. With arsenic so abundant in our water and food, what are the long-term effects on our health?

What exactly is arsenic?

Arsenic is a natural substance that is found abundantly in the Earth. In fact, it is found in small forms in common things, such as apple seeds. It is also commonly used in tobacco and pesticides. This chemical can also be released through mining practices.

Since you cannot smell, taste, or see arsenic in water, it can become a big issue rather quickly. So knowing this, how did all this arsenic get into the drinking water supply to begin with?

arsenic in drinking water
Image: Tomihahndorf, Wikipedia

How did Arsenic get into our water supply?

The primary concern with arsenic is when it is ingested. One of the ways this occurs is by going through the water supply. Arsenic generally gets there by leeching into the ground and getting contaminated with groundwater. This is affects private well water as well as water from municipal or similar suppliers because surface and ground water is a common source.

Aresnic in water is a threat to millions of Americans. Due to runoff of farms, mining practices, and more, much of our drinking water is contaminated. In fact, 70 million Americans deal with arsenic contamination in their drinking water. And not only that, it also affects the very food that we eat as well.

Some fish might be contaminated with higher amounts of arsenic. And due to how it is made, rice is known for being high in the chemical as well. That is why people are suggesting that you do not feed your child baby food with rice in it. These small amounts can easily turn into a major health problem.

What are the health consequences of consuming arsenic?

Many people are willing to ignore an issue if it comes at them slowly, and arsenic is no exception. Small amounts of arsenic can accumulate over time, and may cause some dangerous symptoms, especially for the young, sick, and elderly. For example, drinking water contaminated with arsenic can increase your risk of developing bladder, skin, and lung cancer.

It can also make you feel sick, numb in your hands and feet, reduce the number of blood cells in your body, and even increase your risk for heart disease.

Arsenic is believed to increase your risk for developing diabetes, as well as stunting development of young children. With both you and your family’s health on the line, it is vital to ensure that you do not have high levels of arsenic in your drinking water.

How to filter arsenic in drinking water…

If you suspect that you have high levels of arsenic in your drinking water, you should act to protect yourself with a proper water filtration system designed to remove arsenic.

 Unfortunately, arsenic is rather difficult to filter or remove completely. Typically, common over-the-counter water filters you find in water pitchers or in refrigerators / ice makers do not significantly reduce arsenic in water.

 Filtering arsenic requires special filtration media, oftentimes not found in the most common home water filtration systems.  Finding the right filter for your home can be a difficult task if you want to be certain you are reducing arsenic in your drinking water.

 However, Happy Water Club offers filters specifically formulated to protect your health from arsenic and other contaminants found in your water supply. Based on your water supply, our water quality experts will pull your water quality data (based on the shipping address provided at checkout) and formulate a filter optimized for your water.

 Happy Water Club uses proven filtration media in the right ratios designed to filter the contaminants found in your water source while allowing the healthy minerals to pass through.

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