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Is the City of Houston water safe to drink?

Learn what's really inside Houston city tap water and what you can do about it

According to the latest mandatory water quality reports released by the city of Houston, many chemicals were detected in Houston's tap water including arsenic, chloramines, lead, manganese, chromium (including the infamous Hexavalent Chromium or Chromium-6 from the movie Erin Brockovich starring Julia Roberts) and cyanide (1). Many of these components are harmful to human consumption and steps should be taken to protect yourself and your family.

arsenic chromium 6 water filter for houston texasThe city of Houston, like other water suppliers, is required by the EPA to release annual Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR), also know as water quality reports. These reports disclose detectable contaminates found in the water supplied to residents. We have produced a summary of what is found in Houston tap water and show you how you can protect yourself at the end of this report.

Arsenic in Houston tap water

While some components found in Houston's water are harmless such as zinc, many argue there are dangerous amounts of other toxic chemicals that shouldn't be in the water the begin with. 

One such dangerous chemical is arsenic. Studies show arsenic, even at low levels, is harmful to human health (2). There is debate at what level arsenic affects human health in our drinking water, but you might be asking yourself, if arsenic is poisonous, why would we want to subject our families to any poison in the drinking water?

The EPA instituted a upper limit of 10 ppb arsenic in water rather than prohibiting all arsenic from the water due to what they claim is the the cost of removing the arsenic (3). However, some studies have shown even low levels of arsenic can cause arsenicosis (4).

But if you dig a little deeper you'll find something even more startling. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared a 10 ppb maximum contaminant level based on the fact that at the time there was no instrument that could detect levels below 10 ppb. 

Essentially, the WHO's primary rationale behind limiting arsenic levels to 10 ppb (instead of less than 10 ppb) was based on a lack of technology--and not completely on health reasoning. 

The latest required water quality report for Houston water released shows up to 5.7 ppb of arsenic in the tap water. At the end of this report you will find out how you can protect yourself and your family from arsenic in your drinking water.

Chromium 6 levels in Houston city water exceeds health goal by over 300 times

Probably the most publicized chemical found in many city tap water including Houston is Hexavalent chromium, also known as chromium-6. This chemical is known to cause cancer (5). 

There are multiple types of chromium, some of which cause cancer while others do not. The EPA currently only limits the total chromium levels to 100 ppb. The EPA currently does not regulate the dangerous chromium 6. However, due to the danger of cancer in even small amounts in water, California instituted a Public Heath Goal of only 0.02 ppb.

Houston has up to 6.7 ppb of chromium 6. That's 335 times above California's Publish Health Goal of 0.02 ppb. Learn how you can protect your family from chromium 6 at the end of this report (6).

Chlorine and Chloramines added to Houston city water

Chlorine is a chemical used as a disinfectant to keep water clean before it arrives to you house for consumption. The problem is chlorine is no longer required when its in your glass and you are consuming it. Houston takes a step further and adds not only chlorine but also chloramines into the drinking water (via ammonia).

Common household carbon filters may filter out chlorine, but cannot completely remove chloramines. A special filter is media is required to reduce chloramines in your water. Find out which filter works best to filter out chlorine and chloramines at the end of this report.

How to protect yourself

As pollutants increase in Houston it's more important than ever to takes steps to protect you and your loved ones from the health affects.

It's important not to settle on using popular over-the-counter filters found in most homes and refrigerators. These filters typically only contain basic granular activated carbon (GAC) and are not designed specifically for Houston water. 

What's needed to combat the pollutants in Houston water is a filter that is deigned specially for Houston water.

The Happy Water Club offers filters designed by water quality experts specifically to protect you from the pollutants and concentration of pollutants in Houston's water supply. 

The Happy Water Club uses proven filtration media that has been used successfully for years and conforms to NSF / ANSI standards. These include advanced coconut based activated carbon.

The scientists at Happy Water Club will evaluate your water based on publicly available water reports and US Geological Surveys and uses this information to formulate the correct water filter media ratios needed to keep your water safe. 

Furthermore, Happy Water Club tests the filters to ensure it's doing the job and reducing or removing pollutants by operating an advanced laboratory with industry leading water quality analyzers. 

It's time to protect you and your family's health now with filters designed specifically for Houston water. Water is the source of life so don't continue to consume polluted water when you can have fresh water that enhances your health and happiness.

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