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Is Jersey City tap water safe to drink?

By Staff Writer

What’s really going on with Jersey City tap water?

According to the latest mandatory water quality reports, tap water provided by Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority and others, were found to be in compliance with federal drinking water standards.

However, some components were found to be above the recommended Health Guideline. Jersey City, New Jersey is required by the EPA to release annual Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR). These reports disclose contaminates found in the water supplied to residents. Keep reading to find out what’s in Jersey City tap water.

Hexavalent Chromium (also known as Chromium-6) exceeds the recommended Health Guideline

Chromium-6 is a chemical known to cause cancer (1).  The EPA does not regulate hexavalent chromium. However, due to the danger when it is found in even small amounts in water, California instituted a Public Heath Goal of 0.02 ppb.

Jersey City has up to 2.3 times more chromium 6 than recommend to consume. That's 2.3 times higher than California's Publish Health Goal of 0.02 ppb (2).

Disinfectants and Disinfectant by-products

There were several disinfectant by-products found in Jersey City tap water. Many of these by-products are carcinogenic. They can cause cancer and cause problems during pregnancy.

A disinfectant found in Jersey City drinking water called bromate caused damage to the DNA and cancer in multiple organs according to studies of laboratory animals exposed to bromate. (3)

How to protect yourself

It is likely Jersey City tap water will continue to contain contaminants above recommended health guideline levels.

There are hundreds of simple, carbon-based filters on the market including water pitcher filters. The problem with these filters is they are not capable of removing certain dangerous contaminants such as hexavalent chromium (chromium-6).

What Jersey City residents need to control the pollutants in their tap water is a filter that is designed specifically for Jersey City drinking water.

The Happy Water Club offers filters designed by water quality experts specifically to protect you from the pollutants and concentration of pollutants in Jersey City’s water supply. 

We use proven filtration media that has been used successfully for years and conforms to NSF / ANSI standards. These include advanced coconut based activated carbon, specialized redox media, and ceramics.

The water quality experts at Happy Water Club will evaluate your water based on publicly available water reports and US Geological Surveys and use this information to formulate the best water filter media ratios needed to keep your water safe. 

Furthermore, Happy Water Club tests the filters it manufactures to ensure optimized to best reduce or remove pollutants found in Jersey City water supplies by operating an advanced laboratory with industry leading water quality analyzers.

Protect your health now with filters designed for Jersey City water.

Order your custom crafted water filter from Happy Water club and take advantage of the discount now.


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