WARNING: The shocking truth about your city’s water supply will leave you speechless

"You’re About To Discover One Of The Largest Cover-ups in American History That is Likely Jeopardizing Everyone’s Health In America...and What You Can Do To Protect Yourself."

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WARNING: The shocking truth about your drinking water supply will leave you speechless"You’re About To Discover One Of The Largest Cover-ups in American History That is Likely Jeopardizing Your Health...and What You Can Do To Protect Yourself."In this presentation I am going to expose a secret that local and state governments along with big business across the USA are trying their best to keep quiet.In fact, this secret is so widespread, it has likely already affected your health.In just a few minutes, I’m going to show you a simple test you can do to find out if whether or not you’re health is being jeopardized, and if so, what you can do to stop it immediately before it results in irreversible harm to your health.However, before we start, I must warn you: This may be your only chance to watch this presentation.You see, the powers that be would do anything to keep this secret from the masses at large and this presentation may be banned soon. They’ve done it before and they can do it again.So before they get the chance to shut down this presentation for good...Let Me Show You How You Can Protect Yourself Before It’s Too Late.This is a secret the public must learn the truth about as soon as possible because it is affecting nearly everyone’s health in the USA.Stand Up And Protect You And Your Family Now!Dear Fellow American,Do you live in a major city, small town, or a suburb in the United States? … If so, this could be the most important message you ever receive.Here's why:My name is Wes Kimbell. I’m a scientist running a successful company that's been in business for over 33 years. We design and manufacture some of the most advanced Water Quality Analyzers in the world.I’ve personally been in the business for over 20 years and have helped thousands of customers ensure their water is free from pollutants and contaminants.These analyzers have the ability to measure extremely small amounts of contaminants in drinking water--much lower than most traditional laboratories around the world.Now you might be asking, “why does this matter to me?”Because I Discovered Something That Changed My Life…One day I was involved in calibrating a Water Analyzer and needed sample water to test the unit. We had run out of our normal distilled water we normally use in our lab.So I decided to go home for the night and the next day I would bring tap water from my house to test the analyzer.I knew my tap water wasn’t as pure as the water we use in our lab, but I thought it must be close.But I couldn’t believe what happened next…I ran my home tap water through the analyzer and it began to register positive for contaminants known as VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Not only was my tap water registering positive for VOC content…But the concentration was startling.“How could there be so much contamination in my drinking water?” I asked myself.There are millions of other residents like me exposed to the same contaminated water.I decided to run the sample again just to be sure this wasn’t a mistake.But this was no mistake...The VOC content in the tap water was far above the the amount in clean drinking water.I almost couldn’t believe it!Take a look for yourself...Here is the analyzer’s graph of the VOC test using our normal water:You can see clearly in this first graph there is negligible amounts of VOCs in the normal water. The 4.0 mA shown on the Y-axis in this graph represents zero ppm of VOC content.BUT, take a look at the analyzer’s graph when we analyzed my city’s tap water for VOCs:The analyzer read a whopping 75 ppb of VOCs in my home tap water.This is the same tap water me and my family have been consuming for YEARS.And is also the same water source for millions of other residents in the area.But it didn’t stop there...After researching further, I discovered my city, along with virtually every other city, town, and community in the USA has a multitude of other harmful chemicals and pollutants that negatively affects human health…Some of them are even known to cause cancer.These contaminants include arsenic, lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium (or chromium-6), trichloroethylene (TCE), pesticides, pharmaceuticals such as birth control and other hormone medications, PFAS (also known as “forever chemicals” because they are recycled in the water supply over and over again), and GenX .Some of these are completely odorless and tasteless, making it extremely difficult to know if you are being exposed....by the way, throughout this presentation you will see little numbers at the end of sentences. These are citations to studies and research that prove I’m not making this up. You’ll find a complete list of these citations at the bottom of this page….Now let’s get back to the presentation...As a scientist, I know the chemicals and pollutants in the drinking water is a serious issue with long-term health implications for virtually everyone living in American towns and cities.For example: The effects of chromium 6 include:Nasal and sinus cancersKidney and liver damageNasal and skin irritation and ulcerationeye irritation and damage.Reproductive problemsDevelopmental issues.Chromium 6 was made infamous by Julia Roberts in the film entitled “Erin Brockovich” which followed the real life story of a woman who fought back against Pacific Gas and Electric Company who was accused of contributing to the contamination of drinking water with chromium 6.When I investigated the water supply in my city, I found the chromium 6 levels exceeded the Cal/EPA Public Health Goal by on 300 times!Think your city or town is safe and this just happened in my city? Think again…Over 200 million Americans are exposed to unsafe levels of chromium-6 in their water supplies…This is according to the Environmental Working Group and It’s very possible this is the case for your city as well.Here’s another dangerous pollutant found in most communities across the US:Lead.The effects of consuming lead include:developmental delaylearning difficultiesSluggishnessAnd fatigue to name only a few.This becomes apparent for younger, developing humans and especially embryos still growing in the womb.One of the most notorious chemicals I discovered in our nation's water supply that is dangerous even in tiny amounts…...is arsenic.The effects of long term exposure to arsenic is downright scary:Cancer of the skinCancer of the lungsCancer of the bladderCancer of the kidneyMilder effects include:Hair lossDiarrheaVomiting----------------Another cancer-causing pollutant found is trichloroethylene, or TCE.TCE was recently found to be contaminating the water supply of 14 million Americans.This equates to 321 public water systems throughout the US.About half of these water systems contain annual levels of TCE above what some health authorities claim as safe for infants and developing fetuses.You see, TCE in drinking water has been linked to birth defects including brain damage, nervous system damage, reproductive and immune system damage and increased risk of cancer.Similar cases exist for many cities and towns in the US.---------------------------------------------------------------While there is debate at what levels these pollutants affects human health in our drinking water,...you might be asking yourself…if these pollutants are poisonous, why would we want to subject ourselves and our loved ones to ANY amounts of poison our drinking water?After all, even small amounts of these contaminants can be detrimental.And while the EPA does set rules for how high the level of many harmful pollutants are nation's water supplies......the truth is some dangerous pollutants are exempt from being reported by the EPA at all.Can you guess one of the pollutants the EPA refuses to set a limit for?Chromium-6.That’s right. Even after 25 years since the real life environmental activist Erin Brockovich attempted to take down the big business polluters, the EPA has still not instituted a limit for chromium-6......despite the danger to the public’s safety.Scientists in California attempted to warn the public of the dangers of chromium-6 by setting a public health goal of 0.02 ppb in tap water…But aggressive lobbying by industry and water utilities refused their advice...and California set the legal limit of chromium-6 in drinking water 500 times higher than the scientists public health goal.As of this writing, another EPA unregulated chemical in our nation's water supply is something called perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS.There are over 3,500 different types of PFAS that are dumped into our water, air or soil.And here’s the frightening part…PFAS are called “forever chemicals” becuase they essentially never leave our water supply…and only increase as time goes on.Significant amounts of PFAS were found in the water supplies of 33 US states.Furthermore, scientific studies found a probable link with one type of PFAs and kidney and testicular cancer, thyroid disease, ulcerative colitis, hypertension in pregnant women and high cholesterol.Immune problems with children have also been found in recent studies.Levels of PFAs found in Delaware were so high National Guard troops were forced to hand out water to residents.The state of Michigan recently ordered two towns to stop drinking or cooking with their water due to presence of PFAs 20 times recommended levels.An emergency response team was seen handing out bottled water to residents at a local high school.But high PFAS is not an issue isolated to only a few towns.In fact, the EPA has called PFAS a national priority due to the alarming concentrations in drinking water across the United States.So you may be asking yourself, “why doesn’t the EPA step in and limit chromium-6 in drinking water to the public health goal of 0.02 ppb?”“And why does the EPA enforce limits on some pollutants but not other harmful pollutants like PFAs when they can ALL cause serious long-term health problems such as cancer?”Well, besides the obvious, which is they may very well be trying to hide the dangerous levels of these components from the public, there’s another reason.And this is where things get really interesting...The answer is….MONEY.Yep. As usual, we must follow the money trail to find the real truths in this world.Governments claim they try their best to set limits as close as possible to public health goals “while considering cost and technical feasibility.”But this is despite a 2010 study by respected scientists at California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment found that ingestion of even tiny amounts of chromium-6 can cause cancer in people--which was confirmed by state scientists in New Jersey and North Carolina. [SOURCE]---------------There are also several cases where the EPA does mandate a maximum allowable level of contamination.However, many of these limits were set decades ago and new studies and evidence suggest the EPA limits are too high and risk the health of the public.One of these pollutants is TCE, which I mentioned earlier in this presentation.The EPA set a 5 ppb limit of TCE in public water supplies...but that was back in 1987.More recent research show TCE could be harmful at much lower levels than the limit set by the EPA.Based on reviews of HUNDREDS of peer-reviewed studies, the Minnesota Department of Health set a TCE limit of only 0.04 ppb.This is meant to protect against harm to the immune system for people exposed during pregnancy, infancy, and early childhood.However, the EPA’s limit is 10 times higher than what these studies suggest is safe.Health risks associated with TCE in drinking water include cancer, hormone disruption, harm to nervous system and brain, harm to the Reproductive System, and harm to developing babies.------------------------Then there’s arsenic. The EPA instituted an upper limit of 10 ppb of arsenic in water across the US.But studies have shown even low levels of arsenic can cause arsenicosis.--------------------------So why did it take an expert like me to discover the truth only because I HAPPEN to have access to the best Water Quality Analyzers in the world?Why didn’t my city inform me of contaminants in my water supply and the water supply of hundreds of thousands of consumers?Although major water suppliers have a legal requirement to test the water and publish the results, why had I never heard of these reports?The truth is, city and town governments BURY these reports(purposefully or not).While its true most major water suppliers are now required by the EPA to release annual Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR), also known as water quality reports that disclose detectable contaminants found in the water supplied to residents.......I personally believe this is only used to give a false sense of “reassurance” to the public.Because, as you just learned, these reports don’t require all contaminants to be tested.Or the EPA limits are far above what research actually deems as being safe.Or the EPA simply refuses to enforce limits on certain dangerous chemicals it chooses to ignore.You see, these governments realize that if enough citizens discovered there is literal poison in the water supply their children drink day in and day out, they would be forced to take action.But they don’t want to take action......Or they can’t take actionYou see, to eliminate this many contaminants at these concentrations for huge volumes of water, it would take a massive financial investment.And this may come at the sacrifice of the many pet projects these governments fantasize over.For example, installation of modern water treatment plants that can handle the contamination levels our public water supplies face could cost tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in the long run.Remember when I said it comes down to money?--------------------------------But I decided I wasn’t going to let the authorities get away with this.Based on the facts I learned, there was no way I was going to trust my city to provide water clean enough for me and my family to drink.So I decided to stand-up for myself and my family and do something about it...--------------------------------------------------------------------But are you ready to hear something that is nearly unbelievable?Sometimes governments actually purposely ADD contaminants in the water supplies. This is the case for fluoride.I then learned therre are high amounts of a chemical called fluoride in water supplies across the country. But wait until you find out how it got there...the government actually ADDS this chemical to our drinking water. This fluoride is produced by big corporations. Why? Becuase they are getting paid by the cities! This fluoride is actually the by product form their toxic process.. Blah blah----------------------Sometimes when the pollutants in the water are SO TERRIBLE local governments can’t keep it a secret any longer.A recent case occurred in Flint, Michigan.---------------------------------------Do you suffer from fatigue, brain fog, etc.?If so, it’s very likley polluted drinking water is to blame.---------------------------------------I knew I needed a filter to remove or reduce the cancer-causing contaminants found in my city’s water supply. I knew needed to protect myself and my loved ones from these toxins.But there were literally (and are literally) hundreds of filters to choose from on the market.Which water filter was right for me and my water source?I knew the only way to find out was the test each one of them.So I started out by purchasing and testing the most common filter found in homes--a carbon based filter in my advanced Water Quality Analyzers.These basic filters are usually found in water pitcher based filters or installed inside your refrigerator or ice maker.The trouble is...these don’t really work as well as I needed to protect myself and my family.Sure, these simple carbon filters reduce the chlorine smell and taste and a few other components, but you can basically forget about removing other dangerous chemicals like arsenic, lead or chromium-6.So I put my research into high gear and begun purchasing and testing more “advanced” filters.The trouble was, each one of these filter manufacturers called their products the perfect “all-in-one” filter for my water.But how could they make a “perfect” filter for my water if they didn’t even know what was in my water?How could they make one filter that works for every community in the US when each community has different and varying amounts of pollutants?Their claim of an “all-in-one” filter is ludicrous from a scientific standpoint.I knew from my research that certain filter medias worked best for certain types of contaminants but not others...And that’s when I made a realization that changed my lifeIf I wanted to protect myself and my family from the contaminants IN my water…If I wanted to stand up against those attempting to hide the truth about what's in my water...I needed a filter designed exactly FOR my water.And not just protect myself and my family, but also my neighbors who were exposed to the same contaminated drinking water as myself.So….I began the process of creating my own water filter, specifically for my tap water.Using my science and lab testing background, I set to work researching the contaminants in my water.Once I knew what contaminants I needed to filter, I went to the next stage of the project.......I discovered which filtering medias worked best to eliminate the contaminants found in my water source.Using our advanced Water Quality Analyzers, I tested dozens of different filtering medias in varying ratios in our laboratory.After months of testing, I made many different filters using different ratios of specialty water filter medias.Until finally…...after months of researching and testing…I developed a water filter that finally protects me and my family.I had finally produced a fantastic water filter I have confidence in.You see, the traditional “all-in-one” filters on the market are not effective.They are designed to remove all of the pollutants but typically end up removing none of the pollutants.This is because they fill up the filter with too many types of media that targets certain pollutants--even though some of these pollutants don’t exist in the consumer’s water supply.I took a different approach.I analyzed the water quality reports of my actual water supply and designed a filter that is most efficient at removing and reducing pollutants that actually exist in my water supplyI didn’t have to waste filter space on pollutants that don’t exist in my water supply.Instead, I added more media based on what is actually in my water.For example:A major city has a water supply that contains chlorine, chromium-6, but no arsenic. So I filled the filter with the medias that remove lead and chromium-6 only and didn’t waste space on media’s that filtered arsenic since my water didn’t contain arsenic.The space that would contain arsenic filter media is filled instead with the media that removes lead and chromium-6 so that the filter becomes much more efficient in doing it’s job.And it works wonders...After filtering my water with my customized filter, the water actually tasted cleaner and the odor was neutral.It tasted how water was meant to taste...pure, clean...and like nothing!And yes, it even removes much of the odorless and tasteless killer, chromium-6.Now that I knew which medias worked best for which contaminants found in water supplies I began telling my friends and extended family.And word got out.Soon friends and friends of friends in my city asked me to make them a water filter.And I couldn’t tell them no.After they installed their custom water filter, they couldn’t believe how clean their water tasted.Then friends in other cities asked me to make them a filter specially for their water supply.I pulled water quality test reports and U.S Geological Surveys for their cities. I discovered which contaminants affected their water supplies and built filters just for them.And the word kept spreading.Before I knew it I was shipping custom made filters to friends across the country.And now, for the first time...I’m creating custom water filters available to the public.I created a company called Happy Water Club so I could offer other Americans an effective and easy way to get access to clean drinking water.You see, I decided I can’t just sit around while Americans all over the country consume contaminated water.I couldn’t just keep this for my family and friends…I had to help others.So please consider purchasing a water filter that is customized for your water source.Your health is too important not to take action.Each one of our filters are custom crafted by scientists for your water source. Just like the filters we make for my friends and family.When you install a water filter from Happy Water Club, you’ll rest assured knowing that you’ve purchased the best filter for your water source.Here’s how it works:Anyone interested in protecting themselves and their loved ones from pollutants in their water purchase a Custom Crafted water filter from Happy Water Club.Once we received your order our scientists pull water quality reports and US Geological Surveys based on the zip code you give at checkoutWe custom craft a water filter with specialized media and ratios specific for your water.You see, the filtration media technology we use in our filters has been around and years and has been proven to work and be safe over and over again.None of our filter media is toxic.In fact, all of our filter media is NSF approved for human consumption and is All Natural.And while our media removes or reduces the bad pollutants…Our filters allow the healthy minerals that your body needs to reach your drinking glass…...unlike complicated reverse osmosis systems that strip all healthy minerals out of your water.That’s right.While other filter systems remove important minerals from the water, our filter allows the good minerals to pass to your water glass.The secret to our filters is not necessarily our filtration media......our secret is utilizing the right ratios based on your water and the contaminants you have.We also provide the option to add something completely unique in the industry for people looking for enhanced protection from contaminated water.This is for customers that only want the best protection for themselves and their families.It’s a proprietary media technology in the last stage of our filter that…...virtually guarantees pollutants in your water will be reduced or removed before it enters your drinking glass.We call this proprietary technology, TapShield.You can think of it as a redundant safety feature that will stop pollutants that try to get passed our primary filter technology.But that’s not all.We wanted to design a home water filter system that was so easy to install, anyone could do it in 10 minutes or less, without the use of special tools or calling a plumber.Traditional home water filters are complex and require a plumber for installation in your home or office.However, our filters use your existing kitchen faucet so you don’t have to drill a new hole in your countertop to add another water spicket.And there’s no need to hire a plumber.I also hated the design of the typical water filter found on store shelves. I found it very inconvenient to replace the filter cartridges.Traditional filters force us to use a special tool to unscrew the traditional filter housings. Oftentimes, the housing gets stuck when you try to unscrew it to replace the cartridge.And if I managed by brute force to unscrew the housing, water splashed everywhere and made a huge mess in my cabinet or behind the fridge.I never want my customers to go through all that trouble.That’s why I designed the Happy Water Club filter cartridges to be EASY to replace--without all the mess.We use a specially designed “quick change” filter housing.To replace a cartridge, all you need to do is reach under your sink and twist off the old cartridge housing and screw on the new cartridge housing.It’s really that simple!No need to locate your water supply and turn it off beforehand.When you twist off the old cartridge housing, the water flow automatically stops.No water mess. No fuss whatsoever.The whole process takes about 30 seconds.And you never have to worry about water splashing inside your kitchen cabinet and making a mess because of our simple quick change filter design.And here is the best part:When you purchase a water filter from Happy Water Club, a new replacement cartridge will show up at your front door automatically when it’s time to be replaced.This means you’ll always have a constant supply of purified water.To summarize this unique product:Home or office water filter custom crafted by scientists for your water supplyEasy installation in 10 minutes or less--no plumber requiredAlways have access to clean water--when it’s time to replace, a new replacement cartridge shows up at your door automatically.I’m sure by now you can clearly see just how life-changing this can be for you and your family when you finally consume clean, pure and delicious water--free of the terrible chemicals the government will do nothing aboutYou’ll be able to take control back of your life and health from the perps who try to hide the truth.Let me give you the benefits you’ll recieve when you purchase our filter and join the membership program:Our filters conform to NSF/ANSI standards which prove they work wonders.These standards may include NSF/ANSI 42 for chlorine, cholarime, particulate Class I, taste & odor.NSF/ANSI 53 for arsenic, lead, mercury, VOC, and turbidity.NSF/ANSI 401 for 15 additional contaminants.The late stage media formulation TapShield also knocks out the remainder of bad pollutants such as chromium-6 (hexavalent chromium), copper, nickel, cadmium, aluminum, and others all while controlling bacteria (bacteriostatic)...or reduce or remove iron and hydrogen sulfide which is sometimes present in water wells.Our filters also have the ability to remove or reduce the harmful PFAs and TCEs.And because we optimize our filters based on the contaminants actually in your water, some filters will have more or less of each media component to ensure your filter is ideal for your water supply.And speaking of standards…Happy Water Club has the privilege to be a member of the highly regarded Water Quality Association…This is THE leading organization for the water quality improvement industry in the world.We are also members of ASTM International.ASTM is the “de facto” international standards organization for a wide range of products and systems, including water quality analyzers and water filtration.The benefits of our custom crafted water filters are too numerous to squeeze in this presentation but some of the highlights include:Custom designed water filter, so you can rest assured knowing you’re drinking the best water possible.Easy installation, so you can install the filter in 10 minutes or less--without a plumber.Subscription club, so you’ll never forget to replace your cartridge again.Replacing spent cartridges is as easy as twisting off the housing and replacing.Now you know the truth.Now you know there is an effort by those in power to hide the truth of what’s really in our drinking water.Now it’s your turn.Now it’s time to take action and fight back.Let’s join together and fight against those hiding the truth… [community focus]It’s your turn to protect yourself and your family. It’s time to step up and give it to those who are trying to hide the truth.Imagine, you and your whole family can finally drink clean water without the harmful chemicals that rule your water source.Imagine what this can do for you and your family's health.Instead of being slowly poisoned your whole life you could begin to feel young again.When you begin drinking clean water, you may immediately notice an increase in mental clarity along with increased energy levels.You’ll rest assured knowing your growing children will reduce their exposure to these harmful chemicals and allow them to reach their full potential.So what will it cost you to finally have access to pure, clean water?If I were to try and sell the filters at the big box stores the cost would be well over $580 per filter with retail markup.The TapShield technology option alone would cost another $150 for a total of $730.This is because big box stores are forced to mark up prices in order to pay for the expense of their retail shopping center, their building, the inventory they place on the shelves--not to mention paying all of their many employees.Also, we custom make each filter according to each customer’s water supply and this just wouldn’t be possible in a retail distribution setting.When you buy direct with us, you get much better support through our website than with a 3rd party marketplace.That’s why you’ll never find our filter for sale in retail stores.So what is the price you’ll actually pay if you want one of our custom filters?As you can clearly see by now, this is an unbelievable value even at the would be retail price of $730.After all, you can’t put a price on your family’s health.However, I know how important it is everyone in the US guard their health against pollutants in their water supply…so I’m going to give you a chance to pick this amazing system up right now at steep discount…When I originally ran this discounted price past my expensive business “consultants”, they said I would be crazy to offer the filters for anything less than $400 per filter.After all, it takes a lot of resources for my staff to research detailed water reports and tests for customer’s water sources.Especially since the filters are then custom crafted specifically for their water.But I refuse to let the government continue to allow citizens to drink water with awful chemicals and pollutants in it......that’s why I want to make these filters affordable for everyone for only $235.PLUS, I’ll throw in the optional TapShield, normally priced at $150, for FREE.That’s right, you’ll pay nothing for the extra protection of our TapShield technology that ensures you’re getting the best water possible for you and your family---at no extra cost.This is a MASSIVE 68% discount.You may be asking me why would I price these custom filters so low?It’s simple.I’ve seen what pure water can do to improve people's health and well-being.I’ve seen it first hand along with my family, and many of my friends.I want every family in America to fight back against cover-ups and enjoy life how it is meant to be lived--as a HEALTHY human being.Unfortunately…I can’t offer these filters to the public for long...You see, because we custom craft these filters for each our customers, the amount of filters we build are limited.After the first 100 purchases, I’m not sure if we’ll be able to provide more for at least another few months until we ramp up production again.And once we ramp up production, I’ll likely be forced to raise our prices back to reasonable price levels. That means......I won’t be able to keep this steep discount for long.But I don’t want you to miss out on this special offer of $235, so please, for the sake of your health and your family’s health, claim at least one of these filters while they are still available…...and before my business “consultants” make me come to my senses and force me raise the price.I know some of you might be a little unsure if this is the right kind of water filter for you.But I’m so convinced that this filter will work for you that I’m going to personally take on 100% of the risk…...If for ANY REASON you don’t like the custom crafted filters designed for your water, send it back within 60 days and I’ll refund 100% of your money--no questions asked.That’s right. If you buy a filter and decide you don’t want it, I’ll return 100% of your money...even if you’ve already used the filter.All you have to do is ship it back to me and I’ll process the refund.-------------------------------Want to hear another reason you’ll feel confident of your purchase?Because we at the Happy Water Club are dedicated to keeping you and your family safe.In fact, we ship out replacement cartridges to your door automatically when it’s time for replacement.When you purchase a water filter from Happy Water Club you’ll be automatically enrolled in the club and will get a replacement cartridges shipped out every 6 months for under-sink filters...Or every 9 months for the refrigerator / icemaker filters.You’ll never run the risk of drinking unfiltered water again.But don’t worry. You can EASILY cancel your membership at anytime.So there really is NO risk.If for some reason you don’t like the filter, return it to me within 60 days and you’ll get a full refund and your membership will be canceled…You’ll never be billed again.By the way...we make it SUPER simple to cancel your membership at anytime for any reason.There is absolutely no risk.My fancy business “consultants” tell me we should charge $95 for each replacement cartridge.However, I never want you or your family to consume unfiltered water ever again.That’s why I’m only going to charge you $59 for replacement cartridges.That’s a savings of over 30% for every replacement cartridge you’ll receive.Now, I know you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Wes, why would you makesuch an insane offer by practically giving this away?”Well that’s a great question. The answer is, I have a bigger vision.You see,I believe everyone has a right to clean water free of chemicals and pollutantsI’m on a mission to break open one of the biggest cover-ups in American historyAnd most importantly, I believe the health of all human beings are critical to improve the world we live in.But I need your help and the help of all your friends.So please reserve your filter now before I am forced to raise the price to a more reasonable number.In summary:I’m going to give you a Custom Crafted Water Filter for your kitchen sink faucet or for your refrigerator / ice box (“retail” price of $580) for only $235….PLUS I’m throwing in our TapShield technology (a $150 value) completely FREE.That’s a savings of $505!And on top of all that, you’ll get every replacement cartridge at a steep 30% discount for only $59 for the life of your membership.I will likely be forced to increase the price of replacement cartridges back to $95 per cartridge for new customers...However, as long as you are a member of Happy Water Club, every single one of your replacement cartridges will only cost you $59 each.This may be your last chance to take part in this massive savings.So please make the decision to protect your health and the health of your loved ones now!Remember, you risk nothing. In fact, with this super-generous guarantee…There’s Simply No Way You or Your Health Can Lose!Sincerely,[Signature image here]Wes KimbellP.S. Don't forget, if you aren't absolutely bowled over by what my custom crafted water filter can do for your health, I'll buy it back from you. No hassles and no questions asked. This filter either lives up to what I've told you here...Or You Get 100% Of Your Money Back!Click Here To Grab Your Copy Of Magnetic Sponsoring Today†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Use only as directed. The information provided herein is intended for your general knowledge only and is not intended to be, nor is it, medical advice or a substitute for medical advice. If you have or suspect you have, a specific medical condition or disease, please consult your healthcare provider.  

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†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Use only as directed. The information provided herein is intended for your general knowledge only and is not intended to be, nor is it, medical advice or a substitute for medical advice. If you have or suspect you have, a specific medical condition or disease, please consult your healthcare provider.  California Residents: the state of California requires water treatment devices claiming health claims be tested and certified by them - our units are not. Therefore, only aesthetic claims can be made on units shipping to California addresses.